Together with our clients, we develop an effective public affairs strategy with a strong, key message and a targeted approach towards politics, government and society. We base our public affairs and lobby strategy on three elements: insights in your stakeholders and their interests, a clear message and a perfect timing of action. Together with our clients, we develop and implement the right public affairs approach.

To make your influencing activity more successful and sustainable over time, we let our clients tell their own story. We believe that public affairs is at its best when it is based on trust. Therefore, we help clients engage with society and stakeholders, built long-term relationships and contribute constructively in policy discussions.

Training & coaching

In addition to our public affairs and lobbying activities, we provide public affairs training for professionals from social organizations, companies and governments. Our training sessions and workshops focus on strengthening specific knowledge and preparing our clients to have a full range of skills, so they can deliver their message and interests effectively. Afterwards, the participants have a better understanding of the decision-making procedures and know how to efficiently influence their stakeholders. The training will be tailormade for your issue.  

We also offer coaching programs for individual public affairs professionals who try to find their way in The Hague or a group of individuals, for example a Board of Directors.

Interim management

In a flexible labour market, supply and demand change continuously. In that constant movement we are your partner. We can temporarily strengthen your organization with a public affairs or communication professional. At the start of a new project, with temporary replacement, or when specialist knowledge of communication or public affairs is needed.

This may mean that we perform ad hoc tasks, but also that we work with you to set up a sustainable structure for your communication or advocacy. We have the right professional for every type of organization or issue.


When there is a shared objective, networks and relationships can be of great value. We create new coalitions and associations, or manage existing ones. Associations provide excellent opportunities for discussion and debate on important issues and give access to decision makers. Together we build alliances. First we give insight in your stakeholders and their interest, then we bring together the right partners for your coalition and help set up a strategic public affairs agenda.

Political monitoring

In order to be able to influence a political decision-making process at the right time, you need to be aware of political developments. Therefore, real-time monitoring is an important part of our services. We provide parliamentary monitoring, intelligence gathering and political updates with alerts on developments, to inform strategies and ensure that clients are positioned to respond to emerging issues or news. In addition to identifying the information relevant to you, we provide an explanation of the political impact. We advise you on how to deal with certain developments and where you may need to take action.