DR2: Your key to the continent


In a time of changing geopolitical landscapes and increased protectionism, more and more companies are moving to the Netherlands as a base of operations for the European continent. With a no-deal Brexit becoming increasingly likely, British companies in particular are opening offices in Holland. To help these companies be successful on a local, national, European and global level, Dröge & van Drimmelen (DR2 Consultants) has opened its Brexit Office. DR2 Consultants: your key to the continent.

Local Stakeholders

Opening offices anywhere in the Netherlands requires strong local stakeholder management. Rising housing prices, anti-gentrification sentiments and increased protectionism have fueled a backlash against international corporations setting up shop in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. DR2 Consultants helps companies build strong relationships with local communities and politicians, through reputation- and stakeholder management. With our help, any organization can become a valued member of the local community.

National Strategy

Corporate communication and public affairs are DR2 Consultants’s core business. This means we help organizations build and execute strategies to influence public policy and -debate, including issue-monitoring, political-, public- and private stakeholder management and policy positioning. Through our sister corporations in The Hague, we also help companies develop an effective, private and secure data-strategy (Hooghiemstra & Partners), a circular and sustainable business model (DR2 New Economy) and to organize great events (DR2 Events & Campaigns). For companies moving to the Netherlands, DR2 Consultants offers a one-stop-shop when it comes to politics and policy.

European Policy

DR2 Consultants has been around in the Netherlands for 20 years, but also opened its first international office in Brussels more than five years ago. Since then, DR2 Consultants, situated at the heart of the European quarter, has grown steadily to become major consultancy for both European and Belgian public affairs. Our international team of experts helps organizations to develop and implement an effective EU Public Affairs strategy, often in cooperation with office in The Hague to ensure that national and international strategies complement each other.

Global Public Affairs

With offices in The Hague, Brussels, Shanghai, New York and Copenhagen, the DR2 Network truly is the leading Global Public Affairs consultancy in the Netherlands. In 2019, our annual trend report focusses on the growing relevance of Global Public Affairs. Our offices around the globe help companies develop strategies that cross international borders and deal with policy issues like privacy, data-protection, (cyber) security, CO2-emmisions and resource/waste management. We understand the perils of major multinationals dealing with policy issues on several continents, but also of small innovative companies that might not necessarily want to deal with this but are forced to do so, to be successful.