Dr2 opens Brexit Office

Now that the dust has settled after the Brexit festivities in London, the moment has come to make decisions for the future. The UK may have officially left the EU but the terms of the divorce are far from settled as formal negotiations towards a free trade deal have not even formally started. Both parties have a mere eleven months to reach such a deal. As a result companies are now making decisions on whether or not to open up an office on the continent.

This is why Dröge & van Drimmelen – known abroad as Dr2 Consultants – has decided to open up a Brexit Office in order to assist companies interested in the Dutch market. The Brexit office can help companies in making an informed decision as well as contribute to a smooth transition.

As the Netherlands’ largest Public Affairs & Corporate Communications consultancy – with over 20 years of experience – Dr2 can offer a tailor-made mapping of the social, political and legal landscape specific to a company’s area of expertise.

Once a decision to open up shop in the Netherlands has been made, Dr2 can set up an effective stakeholder strategy at the local and national level. It is more important than ever to pro-actively engage with key players before cutting the ribbon to your new office. This will enable you to confidently settle on the continent.

Dr2 will of course continue to offer strategic public affairs advice as well as parliamentary and political monitoring services after a company has been settled.
Thanks to our offices in Brussels and Copenhagen, Dr2 consultants can offer the same services for the Belgian market and for the Nordics as well as public affairs advice at the European level. Our offices in Shanghai and New York will gladly provide access to the Chinese market and to the UN.

Given the pace at which events unfold, an integrated strategy at the local, national, European and global level is more useful now than ever. Let’s not forget that the coming months will be crucial for the future relations between London and Brussels.

If you want to know more about our Brexit services, please visit our web page and do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.