Our Dr2 Consultants New York office is based in Manhattan, right in the heart of the United Nations.

Public Affairs

Our Public Affairs focus is on all matters related to the United Nations (UN), Worldbank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) or other America-based international nonprofits (NGOs), in particular regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We offer public affairs services in the broadest sense, such as strategy setting and implementation, monitoring and representation.

Whether you are a business, nonprofit or association, we can support you by providing your organization with a tailor-made strategy – for example in the field of gender equality, sustainability, renewable energy, access to health care and human rights.


Our services include:

  • UN/Worldbank/IMF monitoring, shadowing & strategic advice, in particular regarding the SDGs
  • Organizing delegation visits to US-based international organizations & related stakeholders
  • Assisting US organizations and governments in EU public affairs together with our European offices, including EU monitoring

Strategic representation

For our New York office, international public affairs means the strategic representation of your organization’s interests towards a (European) government or an international organization present in the United States. To us, Public Affairs is much more than just political advocacy: it includes thorough knowledge of decision-making processes, grasping the different political dynamics in the International Institutions, and enabling effective cooperation with your stakeholders.

Our international team provides businesses, public and private institutions, associations and NGOs with strategic advice in the field of Public Affairs and Communication in order to effectively navigate the international labyrinth.


Please reach out to our New York office for further information.

Public Affairs strategies

The development and execution of effective Public Affairs strategies are the core of our business. Building a successful Public Affairs strategy starts by developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s mission and interests. Dr2 Consultants support you in the strategic position of your organization, taking into account your goals and targets for the mid to long-term, and identifying the tools you need to achieve your goals. Our expertise in the development of Public Affairs strategies includes developing a targeted stakeholder mapping; building a coalition to strengthen a lobby; establishing trustworthy relationships with key policy-makers in order to provide a credible representation of your organization; and ensuring the Public Affairs strategy mitigates the risks and opportunities of the legislative environment, while bringing it close and aligned with your business requirements.

Management consulting

A Public Affairs strategy can be successfully executed if it is well embedded in an organization. Dr2 Consultants identifies relevant aspects of the workflow including procedures, information exchange and internal structures and realigns these dynamics in order to successfully integrate a Public Affairs strategy within the organization.

Association management

Our goal is to support your organization with the establishment of new coalitions and associations, and management of existing ones in order to boost efficiency and stay relevant in this fast-faced environment. A well-established association includes a diverse membership and provides a platform for companies to cooperate with each other with an interest to speak with one voice in areas of common ground.

Training & coaching

Dr2 Consultants New York has extensive experience in providing Public Affairs training for professionals from organizations, companies and governments. As a Public Affairs professional, much of your work is dedicated to getting the commitment of your organization in order to operate effectively. Dr2 Consultants supports you by providing you with knowledge about how International Organizations – such as the UN, IMF and World Bank – function; innovative tools and instruments that are necessary for effective and efficient Public Affairs strategies; empowering Public Affairs professionals through one-on-one coaching sessions in order to become more confident and independent in executing the job; setting up the right organizational structure to (re)align internal dynamics and fully integrate Public Affairs activities into the daily business operations.

Policy monitoring

Policy and media monitoring is a time-intensive process. Public Affairs campaigning is more efficient when in-depth monitoring is executed daily. Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience and resources to monitor developments, providing a clear, concise and tailor-made monitoring service with all relevant political and legislative developments. Based on your needs, Dr2 Consultants also delivers targeted Public Affairs advice based on the monitoring services.

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