Are you considering opening an office on the continent and looking for advice on the political, social and legal playing field in the Netherlands?

Dr2 consultants can help!

Why the Netherlands?

1. Strategic location. Situated on the continent but nevertheless close to the UK, the Netherlands is a perfect gateway to over 500 million European consumers.
2. Top infrastructure. The Port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam Airport and a high quality broadband network provide perfect access, both physically and digitally.
3. Attractive business climate. Many multinationals have already settled in the Netherlands.
4. International ecosystem and English proficiency. Not only are the Dutch known to be fluent English speakers but many internationals have taken up residency thanks to the great number of international organisations and companies. This has resulted in a thriving international community and top-level British and international schools.

Also looking at Belgium? We offer tailor-made advice for Belgium;

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Core services for British companies

Mapping the political landscape and public opinion

When you consider setting up shop in a new country, you need to know the political climate, public opinion and legal environment specific to your line of work. We can therefore provide you with a tailor-made analysis and stakeholder map.

Public affairs and public relations strategy

After deciding to open an office in a particular country, you need a public affairs, public relations and stakeholder management strategy in place before you have moved into the building. Getting a good start can shape your local and national network for years to come. With twenty years of experience under our belt, we can help you draft an effective strategy.

Stakeholder management and communications

Once you have cut the ribbon to your new office, the public affairs and public relations strategy must be rolled out. We can assist you with every aspect of this, ranging from writing content to introducing you to key players and to organising events.

Monitoring political developments

Of course information is key to the success of any strategy. Political and media developments can have a big impact on your company’s results and reputation. Our parliamentary monitoring service Haagse Kennis delivers you a tailor-made report on a daily basis. Algorithms search through thousands of documents for key information but our consultants provide you with context and make sure you are only presented with the information relevant to you.

Integrated multi-level strategies; local, national, European and global

Local presence

Building your reputation begins with your local environment. How you relate to the local decision makers determines the level of support you will receive when setting up shop. How you deal with local civil society will determine the amount of goodwill you can count on. We know the Dutch way of doing business and have in-depth knowledge of local politics and relevant actors. We can assist you to get it right from the start.

National politics

We follow every debate, monitor every newspaper and all relevant social media outlets. We can tell you exactly what issues may come up. And perhaps even more importantly; our network covers the entire political spectrum, not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and the Nordics. So let us introduce you to the people who matter!

European policy

The British relationship with the EU is changing. Your usual information channels and ways to have your voice heard in Europe may no longer be effective. Our Brussels office has been monitoring and influencing European policy for years and can propose a tailor-made approach for you.

Global public affairs

You might need to reach out to China or be interested in UN policy. Thanks to our offices in Shanghai and New York, we can assist you with these queries.

Extra services thanks to our daughter companies and affiliates

Sustainability and circular business management advice thanks to Dr2 New Economy
Legal advice, especially in the field of technological innovation thanks to Hooghiemstra and partners
Events logistics thanks to Dr2 Events and campaigns

Marielle Rillaerts
Senior Consultant

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