DR2 Consultants opens offices in New York and Copenhagen

DR2 Consultants opens offices in Copenhagen and New York, in addition to the existing offices in The Hague, Brussels and Shanghai. With this, DR2 Consultants expands its worldwide network even further.

During the late summer drinks in The Hague, DR2 Consultants presented its annual trend report, which this year is dedicated to global public affairs. Founder and senior partner Frans van Drimmelen indicated in his presentation that he sees a clear increase in the importance of global public affairs, in which policy areas and companies extend across borders.

DR2 Consultants Copenhagen
Your key to the Nordics
From Copenhagen DR2 Consultants focuses on public affairs and corporate communications in the Nordic region and the Baltic States. The new office is managed by Jeroen Lammers. He has extensive experience, including in Denmark, the EU, the OECD, and in the Netherlands, in assisting companies and organizations with substantive analyses and impact strategies.

DR2 Consultants New York
Your key to the world
From New York, DR2 Consultants focuses on global politics and developments, with a special focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new office will develop public affairs strategies towards international organisations, including the UN and the IMF. DR2 Consultants New York is led by Eelco Keij, who has long-standing experience at the United Nations in international politics, lobbying and fundraising.

Public Affairs & Corporate communication

Public affairs is the strategic representation of your organization’s interests towards governments, political parties and the public sphere. Dröge & van Drimmelen knows how politics works. We have the knowledge and experience to explain to you how the political processes operate and where room for opportunity is. We have longstanding experience in building strategies towards governments and policy makers, build up a network and guide you through the decision-making process.

Key to public affairs is having a good connection with society. With corporate communication, we focus on this connection. Your organization is in constant interaction with society and multiple stakeholders. Whether you are a corporate organization, institution or association, you operate in a world where stakeholders continuously interpret what they see, hear and experience. Name or reputation can be made or broken in a split- second. This requires to take – corporate social – responsibility and a good answer to social issues.


Develop a strategic approach to represent your interests with a clear goal and achieve results.

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Training & Coaching

Enhance your knowledge and expertise in public affairs and communication.

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Interim management

Temporary reinforcement of your team, to help with a project or when you are in need of specific knowledge.

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Stakeholder management

Create positive relations with your stakeholders to manage your interest.

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Political news & monitoring

Immediate updates on political and social developments.

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