Statement 20 April

Hereby we inform you of the news that Frans van Drimmelen has completely withdrawn from our agency, with immediate effect. We wish Frans wisdom and strength in the path he chooses. Our office is deeply indebted to Frans, who is the founder of our bureau.

Trust, transparency and involvement are of the utmost importance in our work. There is no room for transgressive behavior within our agency. We would like to emphasize this again, because we consider a safe working environment as the starting point for all our working relationships.




Public Affairs & Corporate communication

Public affairs is the strategic representation of your organization’s interests towards governments, political parties and the public sphere. Dröge & van Drimmelen knows how politics works. We have the knowledge and experience to explain to you how the political processes operate and where room for opportunity is. We have longstanding experience in building strategies towards governments and policy makers, build up a network and guide you through the decision-making process.

Key to public affairs is having a good connection with society. With corporate communication, we focus on this connection. Your organization is in constant interaction with society and multiple stakeholders. Whether you are a corporate organization, institution or association, you operate in a world where stakeholders continuously interpret what they see, hear and experience. Name or reputation can be made or broken in a split- second. This requires to take – corporate social – responsibility and a good answer to social issues.


Develop a strategic approach to represent your interests with a clear goal and achieve results.

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Training & Coaching

Enhance your knowledge and expertise in public affairs and communication.

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Interim management

Temporary reinforcement of your team, to help with a project or when you are in need of specific knowledge.

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Stakeholder management

Create positive relations with your stakeholders to manage your interest.

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Political news & monitoring

Immediate updates on political and social developments.

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Government agencies



NGOs and Knowledge institutions



Verklaring 20 april20 April 2022


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